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Privacy policy

Online Bookshop has all due respect for the privacy of its Clients. The following rules define what type of information enabling personal identification we can collect and how we can use this information.

Collecting data

We keep HTTP enquiries sent to our server. In this way, we get to know public IP addresses from which users view the content on The displayed contents are identified through URL addresses. We also know:

  1. the time an enquiry was sent,
  2. the time a reply was sent,
  3. the name of the User’s station – identification through the HTTP protocol,
  4. information on mistakes that occurred during HTTP transaction realisation,
  5. the URL address of the site previously visited by the User (referrer link) – in case the User went to our page via a link on another webpage,
  6. information about the User’s internet browser.

This data is not associated with any specific users visiting website, with the proviso made in the section “Registered Users”. To ensure top quality of our service, we occasionally analyse log files to determine which websites are visited most often, to identify any possible mistakes on our site, etc.

Using the data

The collected log files are stored for an undetermined time as auxiliary material to administer the service. The information included in the files is not revealed to anyone except for the persons authorised to administer the server. The log files may be used to generate statistics that are helpful in administering the server. Collective summaries in the form of such statistics do not contain any information that could be used to identify visitors to the service.

Cookies at

When using certain features of the service of, cookie files may be used – cookies are small text files sent by the service and saved on the User’s computer. They do not contain any identification data, and it is impossible to identify User with cookie files. Cookies are used, among other things, to automated identification of the given User by the server which helps adjust our offer to the User’s specific needs and enables the User to use his or her Client Account without having to sign in at every single visit to the server.
While using Online Bookshop, Users make use of two types of cookie files: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary internet files which are stored on their device until leaving or logging out of or closing the browser. Persistent cookies are stored on the User’s device for a time specified in the files’ parameters or until deleted by the User.
The User may switch off cookies on his or her internet browser independently. This, however, will render using our service impossible.
We use the following types of files:

  1. Files indispensable to the functioning of the service – these files enable proper operation of Online Bookshop, logging in to Client’s Account, navigating the service, making purchases and downloading the purchased files from the Bookshop. Without storing them on the User’s device using our Bookshop is not possible;
  2. Files that ensure the safety of the transactions made within the service. Without those files, transactions are not safe;
  3. Statistical files enable us to collect statistical data on how Users use our Bookshop. Without storing those files, we can hardly adjust our offer and the service functionality to specific needs of our Clients;
  4. Functionality files – these files enable the service to remember the User’s settings and preferences. By storing those files on the User’s device, he or she does not have to log in and enter their password at each visit, products adjusted to his or her interests will be displayed, etc.;
  5. Advertisement files – these files enable receiving personalised ads. Ad files may be used by the Bookshop or associated advertising agencies. In this way, the User will only see ads adjusted to his or her interests. The number of views may be limited, etc. Those files also allow measuring ads effectiveness.
  6. Social community files allow the integration of social community sites (including Facebook, Google+) with the Bookshop.

Registered Users

An exception to the above rules is the registration of Users who open their account at and persons who consented to be sent commercial offers and marketing information by email.

The following data on entities and persons who opened an account at is collected: name, surname, shipping address, email address, telephone number. In case of persons who consent to be sent information by email, we store their email address to which we send this information, information on computers IP and the date and time of receiving messages.

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