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Succession Choices in Family Businesses. The Case of Poland

978-83-7611-860-4/Aleksander Surdej, Krzysztof Wach/2011/190
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This monograph develops and applies an innovative methodology to study the phenomenon of family firms in a post-communist economy. Its main aim is to identify the succession strategies of the first generation of Polish entrepreneurs. The strength of this book comes from its emphasis on balancing theories with careful empirical investigation.
The book consists of six chapters, the first four of which have theoretical character, and the other two have methodological and empirical character. The first three chapters present a survey of the most recent theoretical and empirical literature on the succession of enterprises. They provide the basic framework on which Authors build their empirical model. The third chapter contains the review of theoretical approaches to the analysis of succession processes in family businesses. Chapter Four summarizes – from the point of view of management sciences – institutional factors that matter for conducting the policy of support for business succession by member states in the European Union.
This is a deep and important book explaining the role of family firms in the relative success of Poland

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Succession Choices in Family Businesses. The Case of Poland Aleksander Surdej, Krzysztof Wach
978-83-7611-860-4/Aleksander Surdej, Krzysztof Wach/2011/190

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