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W związku z rozwijającą się pandemią koronawirusa czas realizacji części zamówień w naszej księgarni może ulec wydłużeniu. Za powstałe trudności uprzejmie przepraszamy.

International Forum for Education, 2016, No. 9

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The volume SUPPORTING THE DEVELOPMENT OF CHILDREN WHO ARE „AT RISK” is the 9th publication in the series International forum for Education.
It is meant to complement the deliberations on early development support for children with disabilities in Polish and international perpective presented in the previous vulume, as well as to address a wider range of risk factors.
The contributing authors adopted a broad perpective on developmental threats, the consequence of which is a broad recognition of development supporting processes.
There may be multiple environmental factors that steer the development away from the universal path, and thus disturb or inhibit it. Such as: low socioeconomic status of the family, unstable living conditions at home, pathologies at home or permanent residence at care facilities. On the other hand, internal/personality factors relate to children’s own resorces and potential. In this sense, insufficient knowledge, low skills and low competence, abnormal personality structure, as well as disability or poor health may constitute a risk. The third aspect of the ‘risk pattern” is founded on inadequate requirmements and support measures in relation to resorces available to their recipients. The publication focuses on childhood development support, coverring the period of the first 10/12 years. Children, unlike adults, are not capable of overcoming difficulties on their own, so they require support from adults (parents, caregivers, profes sionals).
In this context, elaboration of a diagnosis related to factors interfering with development, presentation of their consequences and discussion on the methods of prevention of irregularities through educational intervention, seem to be justified as a reasonable attempt on the part of the authors.
Please note that the subsequent volume The Responsibilities of Modern Teachers at the Time of Global Cultural Transformation is in preparation. All types of contributions and suggestions cencering further areas of interest within the series will be welcomed and duly considered.

Editors of the volume:
Jarosław Bąbka, Ewa Janion

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