Public order and public safety - free movement of persons

978-83-8180-138-6/Monika Bator-Bryła/2019/239
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In the monograph, the author raises important issues in the field of free movement of persons in the EU, starting with law basics, the scope of freedom, EU legal acts and judicature of the Court of Justice of the European Union, restrictions on the free movement - public order and public safety, the economic dimension of restrictions, employment in public administration, the protection procedure (decision, appeal and supervision over the process of restrictions), measures used against citizens of the European Union and their family members (ban on leaving, entry ban, expulsion). The publication is a rich source of CJEU jurisprudence regarding the free movement of persons in the EU.


978-83-8180-138-6/Monika Bator-Bryła/2019/239
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