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English for corporate students

978-83-8019-238-6/Łukasz Radtke, Igor Wysocki/2015/88



Traditional methods are all about grammatical correctness firstly and foremostly. The majority of teachers still believe that mistakes accumulate when not corrected; so, without the grammatical supervisor (grammatically-oriented teacher)students";" comprehension is still in its infancy. Eventually, traditional methods promote people with quite a good grasp of grammar but these students are normally unable to communicate fluently even after years of education. […] All in all, given the undeniable advantages of the above method, we are hoping to deliver the materials for coroporate students which would be of interest to them and that would improve their vocabulary as well as their speaking skills. The chapters are organized in the uniform way: first comes the reading , then the lexicon and finally there are conversational topics to be discussed during classes. We hope that the readers find the book highly educational, interesting and enjoyable.

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English for corporate students Łukasz Radtke, Igor Wysocki
978-83-8019-238-6/Łukasz Radtke, Igor Wysocki/2015/88

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