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KULTURA I EDUKACJA. Quarterly 2012, No. 5 (91)

brak danych/czasopismo/2012/265

In this issue:

Marcela Kościańczuk
Art Therapy in the Intersectional Prospect Working against Stigmatization Using Art Therapy Methods

Manuel Jacinto Roblizo Colmenero, Maria del Carmen Sanchez Perez
Educational Achievement Defining Factor in Social Stratification: Incidence in Social Mobility in Contemporary Spain

Simon Boone, Mieke Van Houtte
Sicial Inequalities in Educational Choice at the Transition from Primary to Secondary Education: A Matter of Rational Calculation?




KULTURA I EDUKACJA. Quarterly 2012, No. 5 (91) czasopismo

brak danych/czasopismo/2012/265

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