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W związku z rozwijającą się pandemią koronawirusa czas realizacji części zamówień w naszej księgarni może ulec wydłużeniu. Za powstałe trudności uprzejmie przepraszamy.

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Poland–China. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

978-83-8019-025-2/(eds.) Bogdan Góralczyk, Miao Huashou/2014/453

On the initiative of the Adam Marszałek Publishing House, with its seat on the Old Town of Toruń (Copernicus!; strongly associated with Chinese publishers, and on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Poland and China, we return to the volume issued only in Poland and in Polish on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of establishing these relations. At that time, in the volume we gathered the texts of the best Polish experts, analysts and practitioners of several generations taking up the topics connected with China.
This time, thanks to a fruitful collaboration with prof. Miao Huashou, who is also a former diplomat working in Warsaw, we have four texts of Chinese authors. This way we keep the balance between the evaluation and interpretation of mutual relations, which this time are presented from the perspective of both parties, and at the same time raises the status of the project, making it truly bilateral and international.



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Poland–China. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (eds.) Bogdan Góralczyk, Miao Huashou
978-83-8019-025-2/(eds.) Bogdan Góralczyk, Miao Huashou/2014/453

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