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We are pleased to introduce the first issue of Przegląd Prawa Konstytycyjnego (‘the review of constitutional law’) quarterly. We would like it to become a forum for discussion between the scientists involved in research in the field of constitutional law and political systems. The increased interest in issues concerning State and Local Government and Public Law, increased number of publications on this subject as well as the development of communication methods resulted in creating a periodical, which would be dedicated exactly to constitutional law. We believe that the readers will look at the new periodical with favour and that they will be willing to take part in discussions in the pages of Przegląd Prawa Konstytucyjnego. We hope that our quarterly will be treated as an opinion in a debate on state, public law and political systems. In order to attract foreign readers and authors we decided to create a bilingual, Polish-English periodical. Essays in both languages will be published in Przegląd Prawa Konstytucyjnego.
This venture was possible to execute thanks to the goodwill of Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek and the support of Fundacja Promocji Prawa Europejskiego which we would like to acknowledge.
We invite you to cooperation, hoping for your kind interest.

Editorial Board

The condition for success for every scientific periodical - apart from material issue -      is the existence of unfulfilled, but above all, noticeable needs of national scientific discourse within the framework of particular domain.  In this case it is about research and didactic branch which is being taught at law and administration faculties under the name constitutional law, i.e. the politics of Poland, constitutional system of state organs, etc.
Publishing new various periodicals by certain Universities - public as well as private - proves the existence of such needs. The biggest advantage of Przegląd Prawa Konstytucyjnego is, in this case, its national character as far as the range of distribution and the selection of authors of certain essays is concerned.

We can hope that the Editorial Board makes sure the representatives of constitutional law and foreign political science participate in the creation of future issues. This would certainly improve the rank of the quarterly.
Respected publisher, as well as Editorial Board, under the leadership of prof. Zw. dr hab. Wiesław Skrzydło - former Editor in Chief of Przegląd Sejmowy - represent the quality of the venture.
At the birth of our periodical we hope that Przegląd Prawa Konstytucyjnego will become an output of Polish Constitutional Law, to be more specific it would contribute to Polish legal culture. We wish that to the publishers, initiators and the Editorial Board of Prze-gląd Prawa Konstytucyjnego.

Prof. zw. dr hab. Eugeniusz Zwierzchowski
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