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Review Process

The Polish Political Science Yearbook (PPSY) publishes only these paper which has received positive reviews. All papers and research reviews submitted to the PPSY are double-blind reviewed by two independent peer reviewers. If two reviews are highly different, the PPSY may ask another expert to deliver a decisive review.

The submitted paper must be written in English and it must meet formal standards (see: Instruction for Authors) and essential requirements (see: Mission). If the paper fulfils these criteria, the anonymous copy is send to two independent reviewers. The review normally takes two months, however in some cases it may be extended up to four months.

Two positive reviews are the necessary condition to publish a paper in the PPSY. Authors receive anonymous copies of reviews and they have a month to present the final version of a paper.

The final version should answer all issues mentioned by the reviewers. Rejected papers can be resubmitted to the PPSY (after essential edition) not earlier than six months after the rejection.

Instructions for Reviewers

The Polish Political Science Yearbook (PPSY) uses the standardised procedure of paper's review.

The assessment includes two stages: the initial review and the detailed review (see: Review Form). The reviewer is asked to consider a general value of submitted paper, applied standards and possible impact on the discipline. The initial review is based on a general assessment of paper's contents, including following questions:

  • Is the paper meeting scientific standards?
  • Is the paper meeting research standards in the discipline?
  • Is the paper clearly presenting its objectives?
  • Is the paper well structured?
  • Is the paper properly using addition material, i.e. tables, image, charts or diagrams?
  • Is the paper referring to the essential literature?
The detailed review is based on a developed assessment of paper's contents, including following questions:
  • Is the paper meeting best standards of study design?
  • Is the paper applying adequate methodologies?
  • Is the paper presenting valuable findings?
  • Is the paper contributing to the discipline?
  • Is the paper based on innovative approaches?
  • Is the paper clearly presenting its findings?
The reviewer is also suggested to present comments to the paper and to suggest necessary and optional changes. In the final evaluation, the reviewer is asked to present opinion if the paper should be accepted, accepted after edition or rejected.

List of Reviewers

The Polish Political Science Yearbook's Review Policy protects the highest standard of papers published in the journal. Reviewers are carefully selected on the basis of their research expertise and academic experience. Since 2016 more than 85% of them represent foreign institutions, including the most respected universities or research centres, e.g. Catholic University of Louvain, Charles University, European University Institute in Florence, Freie Universität Berlin, Leiden University, London School of Economics and Political Science, Moscow State University, New York University, Oklahoma State University, St. Francis Xavier University, Universite Paris 1 – Pantheon-Sorbonne, University College London, University of Amsterdam, University of Baltimore, University of Copenhagen, University of Glasgow, University of Heidelberg, University of Lausanne, University of Leicester, University of London, University of Massachusetts, University of Oslo, University of Ottawa, University of Oxford, University of Rhode Island, University of the Witwatersrand and Uppsala University.

Since 2016, the Polish Political Science Yearbook publishes the List of Reviewers yearly. It acknowledges all scholars who contributed to the assessment of submitted papers.

PPSY Call for Papers 2017

The Polish Political Science Yearbook (PPSY) invites authors to submit papers, research reports, conference reports, review essays and book reviews to the Volume 46 of 2017. All contributions relevant to political science, international relations, public policy and security studies or Polish studies are welcomed. Before submitting a paper, please consult Instructions for Authors.

Moreover, the Polish Political Science Yearbook invites to send papers related to three special sections of the volume:

  • The Challenges of Security in Central Europe
    (deadline for submissions: February 15, 2017),
  • Politics of International Trade and Investments
    (deadline for submissions: April 30, 2017),
  • and Politics of Post-Totalitarian Trauma
    (deadline for submissions: August 31, 2017)
The Publishers has decided that since 2017 the PPSY is issued twice a year, in May–June (Issue 1) and November–December (Issue 2).

The Polish Political Science Yearbook
International Seminars in 2017:

Polish Political Science Yearbook

The 5th PPSY International Seminar
Politics of Post-Totalitarian Trauma
September 5, 2017, Toruń.

Polish Political Science Yearbook

The 6th PPSY International Seminar
The Future of Electoral Systems
December 5, 2017, Toruń.

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