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In the popular Warsaw restaurant Tian House there was a meeting of the President of Asia and Pacific Society - dr Adam Marszałek and editor - Karolina Targus with the diplomats from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Poland. The main topic of the conversation was to prepare the schedule for the 4th International Asian Congress. In 2017 China will be its guest of honour. Cultural Counsellor Ms. Cai Lian and the Head of Press and Public Diplomacy Section Ms. Wang Ning declared their help with the organizational issues, especially regarding the cultural part of the Congress. There will be a number of various accompanying events, such as: screening of the Chinese films, photo exhibition dedicated to the One Belt and One Road initiative and the artistic performance. Mr. Zhang Ruoyu was also present during the meeting.

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During the stay in China the Marszałek Publishing Group’s delegation has met with the management of Anhui Antai Technology. The talks held were focused on possibilities of Chinese companies’ investment in the Polish
energy sector. For this purpose President Adam Marszałek has declared Time Marszałek Group’s readiness to prepare a detailed photovoltaic power plants project. The commemorative photography presents participants of the meeting: Director of the Toruń City’s Department of Investment Marcin Maksim, Professor Miao Huashou, President of AAT Guojiu Jin, Dr Adam Marszałek, Vice-President Daisy Geng, Professor Janusz Korol, Professor Jerzy Kornaś and the representative of Anhui Publishing Group Musa Guo.

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At the headquarters of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles a meeting was held of Dr. Adam Marszałek and Xue Ling - CFLAC’s Deputy Director General. The talks held were focused on the subject of TMG-CFLAC cooperation. It was established that the Chinese partners will revisit the Polish side in Toruń on
12th of September. The delegation will be composed of members of the executive board: Xue Ling, Deputy Presidents Zuo Zhongyi, General Director Liu Snangjun, Deputy President of Guangdong Province Cheng Yang, and Deputy General Secretary Guo Ximin. The guest from Beijing will be accompanied by Cai Lian - Cultural Counsellor of the Embassy of PRC in Poland and Director of the Polish branch of the Chinese International Radio Tang Li.

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During his stay in Beijing Dr. Adam Marszałek, General Manager of Marszałek Publishing Group accompanied by Professors Janusz Korol from Szczecin and Jerzy Kornaś from Cracow as well as Director Marcin Maksim of Toruń has met with the board of the China Writers’ Association. ChWA was represented by: Secretary Yan Jingming, Director of the Office and Wu Xinwei (Marysia) Deputy Director of International Cooperation. During the talks it was established that every year Adam Marszałek Publishing House will publish four Chinese books - tree novels and a poetry book.

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Faculty of Political Science and International Studies of Nicolaus Copernicus University was the place of a convention of deans and directors of Polish institutes of political science. During the proceedings problems facing political science environment were discussed. Among the participants of the meeting were such professors as Tadeusz Wallas, Adam K. Wojtaszczyk, Robert Wiszniowski, Tadeusz Dmochowski, Jarosław Nocoń, Grzegorz Janusz, Roman Bäcker, Andrzej Stelmach as well as Stanisław Sulowski, Alicja Stępień-Kuczyńska, Arkadiusz Żukowski, Renata Podgórzańska and Michał Strzelecki not included in the photograph.

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